Sites of mediation

RM1: Crossroads – Trading Zones – Intersections. Society and knowledge in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Basel

Director: Prof. Susanna Burghartz (History, Basel)

The question of the circulation of goods and knowledge in a globalising world has become increasingly important among historians in recent years. The research module ‘Crossroads – Trading Zones – Intersections’ accordingly takes up recent approaches from the history of science, the history of objects, economic history as a history of (global) relations as well as mediality studies and an art history informed by visual culture studies and micro-history to explore aspects of an entangled history of the local using the example of Basel. In this way, it makes use of the rich abundance of sources on the history of Basel to test and further develop—borrowing from the history of science—ethnological concepts such as trading zone, multi-sited ethnography or world city for an urban society to which such concepts have not previously been applied because of its small scale. Three interrelated doctoral dissertation projects are intended as innovative contributions to the debate about the interactions and interrelationships between micro- and macro-history.

Individual projects: