Sites of mediation

RM 2: ‘Inventors of new things’ – On the entangled history of the arts in Antwerp around 1600

Director: Prof. Christine Göttler (Art History, Berne)

In recent years, virtuoso artistic and artisanal processes have once again become the focus of a history of art and knowledge in the early modern period with an interdisciplinary orientation and an increasing interest in local practices of knowledge and knowledge cultures. The research module ‘Inventors of new things’ takes up these impulses but also opens up new research perspectives through a focus on the Spanish Netherlands. It explores specific forms of art production and artistic virtuosity such as were associated—in interaction with the various material, visual and scientific cultures and in the tension between other- and self-attributions— in Antwerp, but also in Rome, Naples, Brussels or London, with the habitus and artistic temperament of Dutch artists.

Individual projects: