Sites of mediation

The ProDoc ‘Sites of Mediation’

inquires into concrete sites and constellations where it is possible to study specific forms of mediation, entangling and interaction in the formative phase of a globalising Europe.

To this end, it is establishing a research field between history and art history where diverse temporal, spatial, methodological and thematic research axes intersect and can be related to one another.

The ProDoc takes up approaches from discussions within post-colonial studies, entangled history and histoire croisée in order to apply them profitably to research on Renaissance and early modern Europe.

Training Module

ProDoc’s training module offers the participating doctoral candidates various possibilities and formats for collaboration, exchange and further education.

The ProDoc colloquium serves as a forum for regular exchange on research questions and findings by all members of ProDoc.

At regular intervals, the members of ProDoc organise Workshops and Events dedicated to intensive theoretical and methodological debate on relevant topics with international scholars. Other offerings include writing workshops, project planning, career counselling and the like.

The close cooperation with the Basler Renaissancekolloquium offers additional opportunities for interdisciplinary discussion and reflection.

‘Sites of Mediation’ also cooperates with the Basel Graduate School of History.